SALON SOFTWARE: Working With Salon Email Marketing

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Salon Software and Salon Email Marketing.

As the hairdressing and beauty industry continues to evolve and become even more competitive Salon Software and Salon Computer Systems are more important today than ever before and their integration into our salons and business development plans is increasingly important.Salon Lead Marketing Utilising Salon Computer Systems

Timely, crafted communication with clients and prospects is proven to improve client retention and has the potential to substantially increase the lifetime-value of clients.

When you utilise a good Salon Email Marketing system you will not only increase client retention but you will significantly improve client loyalty, the average client bill, client visit frequency and client referrals.

If you've been in business for very long, you already know how difficult running your own business can be, employees to manage, clients to wow, overhead to maintain.

What often happens is salon owners get so caught up in running a day-to-day marathon that they don't take the time to put a system in place.

Salon Management Systems

Today Salon Marketing Systems are available to automate many crucial marketing functions, functions that are traditionally either outsourced to IT or marketing vendors or simply not done at all.

Without a system in place to automate important client communication salon owners:

• Must work harder
• Must work longer
• Lose potential clients
• Lose potential sales
• Often make mistakes

No matter what size of salon you own, implementing a client communication system is critical if you are to effectively manage your business. When a salon owner takes the time to put functional systems in place, they:

• Work smarter
• Work faster
• Retain more clients
• Win more new clients
• Make more money
• More accurately fulfil client needs

With available technology salon owners need not suffer with poor retention and shrinking profits, by installing the right mix of salon software and salon email marketing systems salon owners can make business much easier and a whole lot more profitable.

Salon Software to the Rescue

There are many Salon Software systems available and most of them are very good:

  • i-Salon
  • Premier spa
  • Shortcuts
  • Salon Genius
  • Salon Advantage
  • Merlin

These Salon Software Systems are important client management and analysis tools. They all have one thing in common, in that they were/are designed to manage clients and not to manage client communication.

This is where Salon Email Marketing from comes in. Our client communication software has been designed from the bottom up to work with and compliment modern Salon Software systems including i-Salon, Premier Spa, Shortcuts, Salon Genius, Salon Advantage, Merlin, Kitomba and many more. Where these Salon Software Systems are weak. we are very strong.

Critical Salon Business Growth Software

Using very sophisticated technology we integrate our Salon Email Marketing software with your Salon Management System. It utilises your existing database to set up regular meaningful communication with your clients and prospects and it does all this on "autopilot" so you don't have to. We do the techy stuff and you simply enjoy an easier life and a smoother road to increased salon profits.

The benefits of our Salon Email Marketing software are many, however the main benefits are, improved client retention and increased profitable revenue.


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