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Salon Email Marketing Testimonials.

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The Ultimate Client Retention System

Here is what some of our clients have to say about Salon Email Marketing:

"We had been looking for ages to find an easier, more cost effective way of communicating with our regular clients and for running promotions and reminders. Although our salon software is really good for managing clients and for booking appointments it does not have the ability run un-aided as a promotional system that helps me generate more money for the salons. Morgans Hairdressing

Because I'm not technically minded I was skeptical about eMail marketing and to be honest I didn't think it would work, but because there is a money back guarantee with no binding contract I thought I would give it a try and I signed up to the bronze package. The tech guy from SalonEmailMarketing.com helped with the set up and even answered the phone when I rang with a few questions which was very comforting.

When I started to work with my campaigns I found (to my surprise) that it began to work for me and it reduced my work load because I was previously sending all of my emails manually. Since then I have upgraded to the Platinum package and everything now runs automatically and is generating much more income than I had perilously expected. Also as a result we now have much improved client retention and the client feedback I am receiving has allowed us to improve in areas we did not know we were weak in".

K Murphy
Salon Owner
Morgan Hairdressing - Stokesley

"Salon Email Marketing from salonemailmarketing.com has proven to be so rewarding and cost effective that this is now the only form of of salon marketing we do. It's like having a marketing guru working for me full time"

Renegade Hairdressing

"I looked for salon email marketing for ages, thankfully SalonEmailMarketing.com have made it so simple, its like having a marketing guru work for me full time."

GREAT Hairdressing Group,
Maidstone, Kent

"We find the new client surveys an essential tool for monitoring how we are doing."

Elements Hairdressing
Bishop's Stortford

"We no longer do any direct mail or magazine advertising"

The Cutting Edge

Risk Free Trial Period and FREE Life-Time Support

We know it can take a leap of faith when considering to invest in a new system that you may be skeptical about and this is why we have built three safeguards into our packages.
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will profit from using Salon Email Marketing that if you decide to cancel your subscription within 90 days we will refund 100% of your subscription.
No quibble, no questions asked, just your money back.

Free Life-Time Support
FREE Support

The system is very easy to set up and manage, but that's easy for us to say as we are the experts, so our guarantee to you is that we will "hold-your-hand" every step of the way and you will always have access to FREE support if ever you need it.

No Restrictions on Email Volume
Email Volume

Other "similar" eMail marketing vendors charge increasing subscriptions dependant on the size of your email list. At Salon Email Marketing we charge the same monthly subscription regardless of the volume of emails you send. Now that's good value for money!


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